Photo taken Dec. 2009 - California
Mary Helen (Kreutzer) Lindsey (Feb. 1954),
John Andrew Kreutzer, Sr. (Dec. 1927)
John Andrew Kreutzer, Jr. (Dec. 1950)

Are you a Kreutzer? Looking for some family history?

Well, you have come to the right place. I decided to create this website after finding so many Kreutzers while researching my own family line. I didn't think that there were that many of us but it turns out that there is a fairly large population of Kreutzers who live or have lived in Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Florida, New York & Colorado, to name a few states. Over the years, it has become big business to sell you your own family history and there is no certainty that they are accurate just because they charge you money to use their database. It's my goal to post as much free information, with links to dependable resources as I can. This is a working website, I use it to store my findings, the menus contain links to site that I use and most of my links and census info center around Kentucky during the mid 1800-1900's. Since I have gathered several "mini" Kreutzer family histories that are not my line, I am publishing their information here too. Enjoy. - MH. Kreutzer

Subject & Location:
I am actively seeking information on Heinrich & Katharina (Vogt) Kreutzer, parents of Robert Jim Kreutzer (1854-1901) Jefferson County, Louisville, Kentucky and members of the St. Paul's Evangelical Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Their children include: Wilhelm Heinrich, (1849), Margaretha (1851), Robert Jim (1854), Caroline Charlotte (1857), Johann Andereas (1860), and Andereas Heinrich (1862). It appears that almost all were born in Louisville, KY, all were christened at St. Paul's.

Robert Jim, aka: James R. Kreutzer married Johanna Wilhelmine "Minnie" Remagen Feb. 12, 1879 and worked as a machinist for the cigar producer Hummel-Vogt Company of Louisville. Their children include: J. Henry (1879), Carolina (1881), Bertha (1882), Dora (1884), Josephine (1886), Lena (1888), James Robert Kreutzer (1890-1941), William Foster Kreutzer (1893-1917). It appears that all were born in Louisville, KY.

James Robert Kreutzer (1890-1941) was my grandfather.

About the publisher/researcher:
Mary Helen Kreutzer (1954) was born to John Andrew Kreutzer (1927) and Lois Mae Ledington (1930) and is a California native out of Los Angeles, CA. She currently lives in the San Bernardino Mountains, where she works as a self-employed web designer and has been happily married to Philip J. Lindsey since Dec. 1996. She started doing family history around age 26, when she traced the vom Steeg family line while married to Gerry vom Steeg (1980-1995). Later, she traced the Ledington family line (Ledington history available) and is now working on the Kreutzer family line.

Notes & Standards: You can keep track of my progress in the Notes Section. As for my standards: I use death, marriage, & birth certificates, headstone photographs, and census records, to support my findings. If the individual is still living, only the birth year will be published. If I have found information it will be in the Finds Section. If I think a link will help others, or I use it a lot, it will be in the main menu. I use Family Tree Maker 2008 at this time but have not published any reports to their site, but a few family members may have. I plan to keep most of the information here, so I can make edits as needed.